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About Us


One To World, formerly Metro International, was founded in 1977 by a group of foreign student advisers at seven New York-area universities, who sought to provide international undergraduate and graduate students with a bridge between their isolated campus environments and the broader New York community. Out of this early effort grew a series of orientation programs and publications designed to help international students cope with the unique demands of living and studying in New York City, while getting them out of the classroom, off campus, and into the community.

Throughout the years, One To World has found that sharing personal experiences is the most effective way to transform citizens of all nations into citizens of the world. In recognition of its role harnessing personal relationships to bridge countries and cultures, Metro International changed its name to One To World in 2008. This new name and tagline--creating global citizens; inspiring a peaceful world--convey a powerful vision that will guide One To World in the coming years.

Now more than ever, creating understanding between individuals from different nations is essential for a better future. By profoundly affecting Americans and international students alike, One To World is creating a worldwide movement of informed critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders.