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Global Classroom

About Global Classroom

Our Approach

Our workshops are based on face-to-face exchanges with the Global Guides and incorporate interactive presentations and discussions, as well as the use of media and technology to enhance the learning experience. Global Classroom educators work directly with program partners, classroom teachers, and afterschool coordinators to tailor our curriculum to schools' specific needs and interests. 

Our Thematic Units


Elementary, Middle School

Students explore world cultures by participating in international games and activities. Global Guides present their cultures and favorite pastimes, and students reflect on and share their own games and traditions with the Guides. Students document their experiences in a final project to share with the school and Global Classroom community.

Global Lives

All Grades 

Students investigate the meaning of “culture,” explore their personal cultures, and various cultures from around the world. Global Guides focus their workshops on different cultural topics, such as religion, the arts, traditions, and food, as well as their historical origins. Students participate in hands-on activities, such as playing traditional games, learning songs and dances, creating art projects and tasting cultural foods. The program culminates with final projects, in which students explore cultural topics of interest using the arts, literacy and/or digital media.


Elementary, Middle, High School

Students investigate water across multiple academic areas and international perspectives, including their own. They explore the usage and sourcing of water both abroad and in NYC-area, using technology to deepen their learning and create a final project to share with the school and Global Classroom community.

Teen World

Middle, High School

Students learn how teens around the world face similar challenges in their personal, social, and political lives to their own. Through engaging discussions with Global Guides and critical analysis of youth-created media, students explore themes and topics, such as identity, discrimination, gender equality, bullying, and dealing with pressures from friends, family, and school.

Social Action

Middle, High School

In this program Global Guides share stories about social challenges from around the world. Students use these global case studies as a springboard to explore local issues and analyze their causes. Students choose a local issue they would like to change, and plan and implement a project with the support of Global Guides and staff. Throughout this unit students are empowered to share their perspectives with international scholars and transform their awareness into action.

Global Careers 

High School

This program provides students with workshops by unique, successful international role models from a variety of careers, as well as specific tools and skills needed to succeed in today's workplace. In addition to developing cross-cultural communication skills, students learn the importance of setting goals, how to build resumes, and interviewing techniques.

Investigating Conflicts

Middle, High School

This program addresses conflicts in countries around the world through personal stories and relates these experiences to students' lives. Global Guides present on topics including independence, civil liberties, revolutions, civil war, conflict resolution, and the impact these movements have on communities and individuals.


All Grades

Students learn how our use of resources impacts health, quality of life, our own communities and others around the world. Students gain a deeper understanding of sustainability and investigate how other countries have introduced sustainable practices through interactive presentations from Global Guides. Past topics have included green architecture projects, urban planning, urban farming, recycling and water conservation efforts. Additionally, students develop and design a sustainability project on a topic of their choosing.

Contact Us:

We are always interested in building new partnerships to broaden Global Classroom’s reach within the NYC-area. For more information about new partnerships, email Marissa, Director of Global Classroom, or call (212) 431-1195x22.